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of information and protection of personal data of the User of SphereLive

edition dated 25/03/16, approved by order No 18 of the General Director of Sphere systems LLC dated 25/03/16

The present Statement applies to all information about the User which can be received in the process of using the software SphereLive (“Sphere”) and the Website www.sphere-live.com

1. The purposes and methods of using these data

1.1. Sphere systems LLC uses the personal data provided by You to Sphere systems LLC for support the reliable, uninterrupted, effective and corresponding Your service needs.

1.2. The personal data specified by you at registration are used as follows:

* for authentication of Your account in case of access to the software SphereLive ("Sphere"), further - "software" and protection of Your account against illegal access;

* for providing to the User of the software's functions and increase of its quality;

* for possibility of interaction of Users with each other and with Sphere systems LLC;

* for the context-linked providing information to the User, including settings of the software and its components.

When You visit the Website www.sphere-live.com and with each use of the software, Sphere systems LLC collects data about these processes in the information magazine (for example, browser type, date and time of a call). These are not personal information. All this information will be used by us for the statistical purposes and for detection of defective references or errors in the program. Disclosure of information to the third parties does not occur. We don't connect these data with other data.


Sphere systems LLC doesn't publish and doesn't transfer to the third parties personal information about the Users of the software without their consent. Sphere systems LLC has the right to provide access to personal information about Users of service in the following cases:

* the User of service has given his consent;

* it is required for providing to users of the software;

* for prevention of fraud or imminent crime or providing security of the software;

* it is required by the Russian legislation or authorities according to the procedures provided by laws.

Sphere systems LLC has the right to provide to the third parties the free depersonalized aggregative information.

Sphere systems LLC guarantees confidentiality of financial data of the software Users. Financial data cannot be transferred to the third party and are used only for the purposes of providing functions of the software.

3. User's profile

Your personal data is the information provided by You suring registration in the software. This data is shown in the software and on the page of personal data of Your account in the software. This information includes:your login in the software, full name, address, e-mail, telephone numbers, gender, birth date, language, scan of the passport, scan of education documents, VAT, payment details and other information which You want to specify. Opening Your personal data via the menu's section “Profile”, You will be able to view, change or add information, to delete data which are optional, and also to view the confidentiality settings concerning Your personal data.

The access to Your personal information is provided via the system of authorization with login and password. You agree to ensure independently safety of authorization data and under any pretext not to disclose them to the third parties. Any changes of personal information introduced by means of authorization data will be considered performed personally by you.

If You are logged in the software as Consultant then Your personal information, except phone number, scan of the passport, VAT, payment details will be available for viewing to other users of the software.

Sphere systems LLC undertakes to make all reasonable efforts for implementation of requests concerning deletion of personal data from the server of Sphere systems LLC, except the cases when storage of such data is prescribed by the law or it is necessary in legal business purposes.


The website www.sphere-live.com can contain references through which You get access to other Websites, leaving the Website www.sphere-live.com. The Website www.sphere-live.com doesn't control the websites to which the references are refering. Sphere systems LLC insistently advises You to be careful in case of disclosure of Your personal data on the Internet. The society is not responsible for actions of other Websites.


5.1. Sphere systems LLC takes all necessary organizational and technical measures for protection of Your personal data and data about traffic from illegal or accidental access to them by the third parties, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, keeping at the same time all obligations and exceptions imposed by the current legislation. The access to Your personal data and data about Your traffic is provided only to those authorized employees of Society, its affiliates, subsidiaries or service providers to whom the access to Your data is necessary for implementation of their assigned duties.

5.2. Sphere systems LLC provides access to personal data of users only to those employees whom this information is necessary for operation, development and improving of the software.

Sphere systems LLC requires the User-Consultant to provide the payment details (except the data about authorization and confirmation codes) for transfer to them of money, received from the held consultations in the software. In case of requests about providing of data of authorization and confirmation codes (in the form of electronic messages, SMS messages, e-mail messages and other types of messages), the User is recommended not to respond to these requests and to report about it if it's possible to Sphere systems LLC.

Sphere systems LLC never sends to the User the electronic requests with a request to specify, confirm or by any other ways to report to Sphere systems LLC the password specified by the User at registration. The User is recommended not to respond to these requests and to report about it if it's possible to Sphere systems LLC.


If you want to suggest to Your friends and acquaintances to use the software SphereLive, please use the special form of the software or the appropriate page of the Website where You will be given an opportunity to enter the message text and the list of e-mail addresses of contacts to whom this notification will be sent.

The information entered in this form will be used only for the purpose of generation of the automatic message which will be sent by e-mail to potential users of the software SphereLive. Sphere systems LLC can enter Your e-mail address and full name (if it is specified in a profile) as author of the invitation.


Sphere systems LLC has the right to communicate with You to report You about faults and problems with providing of services, to suggest You to tell about Your experience of using of the software SphereLive. Besides Sphere systems LLC reserves the right by e-mail, by the software SphereLive, PUSH notifications, SMS or other forms of communication to inform You about any possible claims connected with usage of the software SphereLive by You and the Website including claims about violation of the rights of the third parties.


Sphere systems LLC will store Your data during the period specified in the Agreement to the processing of personal data of Users: for implementation of the purposes and tasks of Sphere systems LLC and/or to comply with relevant legislation.


The website and the software SphereLive are not designed for use by minor children. The use of the Website by minors is allowed only with the consent of the guardian. If such consent is not available, we reserve the right to delete all data of these underage users. The parents and guardians are responsible for protection of private life of their children.


Sphere systems LLC has the right to make changes to this statement. In the event of significant changes in this Agreement about confidentiality and security or in approach of Sphere systems LLC to use of Your personal information, Sphere systems LLC will notify You about it by the preliminary publication of the notification about such changes, or by direct sending to You these notifications. Your continued use of the software SphereLive after the specified changes constitutes Your acceptance with the Statement about confidentiality and security. We recommend You to review sometimes this Statement about confidentiality and security that will allow you to know the principles of collection, use and protection of your information used by Sphere systems LLC.


The User can refuse to provide personal data when visit the Website http://sphere-live.com, but in this case not all functions and services as a part of the Website http://sphere-live.com will correctly work.

In the processing of Your personal data by Sphere systems LLC, it has the same rights as the subject of the personal data referred by Article 8 of the Act of the Russian Federation "About protection of personal data".

The activity of Society is performed in accordance with the legislation of Russia. Any claims, disputes, official requests will be considered only in the order stipulated by the legislation of Russia.

If You have questions on which You could not find the answer in this Statement or if you want to receive the additional information about any paragraph, please use e-mail with the address support@sphere-live.com.

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